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Buy here pay here GPS Tracker - IkonGPS

Vehicle Insights for
Subprime Auto Finance Dealers

For subprime automotive finance dealers looking to mitigate risk, predict defaults and collect more payments, IkonGPS provides tools you need to help grow with confidence. We enable subprime auto finance dealers to easily locate vehicles, validate references, improve payment collection and proactively manage their assets with our buy here pay here GPS tracker and asset management solutions.

On-Demand Location & Recovery

Locate assets quickly for fast recovery

Improve Portfolio Performance

Vehicle alerts and analytics to help identify potential defaults

Risk Reduction

Data verification tools to assist in making better credit decisions

Telematics Solutions

Alerts to help monitor asset risks related to speed, location, and more!

Why Subprime Auto Finance dealers use IkonGPS

Subprime Auto Finance Risk Management - Buy here pay here GPS tracker

Asset Location

When a consumer is delinquent on a loan payment, our platform provides on-demand location information to assist you in your collection and recovery efforts.  ikonGPS also provides historical location data to help predict where future locations might occur..

Data Verification Tools

The ikonGPS platform provides you with tools designed to confirm borrower address, employment, and identify information so you can put more confidence in your credit underwriting decisions.  Also reduce risks associated with recovery efforts through skip tracing reports, specifically designed to give you information in locating and contacting your borrower and find your asset. 

Real-Time Alerts

Set vehicle parameter alerts to identify early warning signs of potential borrower default.  Areas such as high-risk driving behavior, vehicle abandonment, tow lots, and battery failure can easily be monitored.  ikonGPS tools give you the insight on these potential issues so you can be proactive in reaching the consumer to mitigate risks. 

Payment Collection

Our platform gives you the ability to send borrower payment reminder alerts via text message or email.  ikonGPS also has an optional payment reminder audible alert feature that can be deployed to remind the customer of a past due payment.  Features that save on collection costs and increase portfolio profitability.