• Your inventory connected 
    with the best GPS tracker for car dealers

    Connected car and stolen vehicle recovery technology built for new car dealers.

Driving Sales Through Inventory Analytics

Designed with our customers in mind, IkonGPS is more than just the best GPS tracker for car dealers. We understand the challenges you face, and have engineered solutions that help minimize your risk while making your job easier and enabling you to grow your business with confidence.

Best GPS tracker for car dealers - IkonGPS
Instantly locate any vehicle across multiple lots 24/7
Monitor loaner and company vehicles
Proactive low battery alerts
Track breadcrumb trails and set speeding thresholds
Real-time stolen vehicle alerts with reduced recovery time
Track vehicle mileage for service and loyalty programs
Offer your customers a real product with real profits
Simple registration and bill of sale creation
Asset Management with GPS Tracking Solutions for Car Dealers

Asset Management

IkonGPS is the master and global leader in inventory management systems. With broad involvement in pre-loading, preparing and keeping up GPS dealer stock management programs, we have created a demonstrated model, which eradicates difficulty and secures dealer’s investment; as well as reliably transforms this procedure into revenue for the dealer. To put it plainly, our commitment is to provide additional values to our customers and to keep them happy always.

Secure Your Inventory with the Best GPS Tracker for Car Dealers

When the IkonGPS System is set up to manage your fleet, the software platform allows the following:

  • Salesmen and other dealership personnel have the ability to instantly locate vehicles by stock number, VIN, make or model right from their smart phone.
  • Sail through floor plan audits or locate vehicles for clients within seconds.
  • Find and recover stolen vehicles.
  • Set boundaries and be notified when a vehicle leaves its location.
  • Set speed alerts and be notified when a vehicle over speeds.
  • Set low-battery alerts and be notified when car batteries run low.
  • Potential floor plan insurance discounts.
Ikon GPS - The best GPS tracker for car dealers

Turn-key Installation

With our turnkey procedure, we can get you trained and fully set up to provide services in only a few days. Our experts will install units on your inventory and prepare your staff to assume control on a continuous premise amid your PDI procedure, keeping the parts and service profits in-store, as a result increasing absorption rates. In addition, receive all of the fleet management account features at no extra cost, when you pre-load your inventory with IkonGPS.

Profit w/ F&I Sell Through

Transform your inventory management cost into an income stream. IkonGPS+ Management Programs regularly enjoy awesome penetration with high margins and high values on deals to customers. Our offer is the safety and security for family members and potential insurance discount. In addition is the protection of the vehicle from robbery, stolen vehicle recovery, and live tracking 24/7.

Dealer Benefits

  • High-margin, high-value F&I product
  • Dynamic inventory management
  • Perimeter, low battery and speeding alerts
  • Instantly locate vehicles by stock number
  • VIN, make, or model
  • Easy to install and remove – OBD installation

Customer Benefits

  • Stolen vehicle recovery
  • Live-tracking 24/7
  • Perimeter, low battery and speeding alerts
  • Safety and security for family members
  • Locate from any mobile device
  • Potential insurance discounts