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    IkonGPS's products provide businesses with powerful insights to track, manage and protect their assets.

Our Products

IkonGPS is a telematics supplier to the automotive industry. We currently offer our GPS products directly to automotive dealers, auto finance companies, insurance companies, rental companies and subprime automotive dealerships looking for a vehicle tracking device. 

Vehicle Tracking Device - IkonGPS

New Car Solutions

Our groundbreaking GPS technology solution helps increase profit-per-vehicle while providing dealers Dynamic Inventory Management. Dealers improve Consumer Satisfaction scores by offering customers a high-tech, high-value product in their finance department. When car buyers purchase this vehicle tracking device and management system, they will appreciate the safety it affords their family along with the security only a state-of-the-art stolen vehicle recovery system can offer.

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Protect your assets with a vehicle tracking device - IkonGPS

Automotive Finance

Banks, credit unions, auto finance companies, and subprime auto finance dealers have an opportunity to improve the management and oversight of consumer vehicle loans. By combining our IkonGPS mobile tracking devices with our award winning software – we can provide lenders a cost effective means of maintaining a positive and profitable relationship with their customers.

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