This Tax Season,  Be Nimble

29.12.18 05:07 PM By Samuel Bohon

Ah yes, tax season; the Super Bowl of the Buy-Here-Pay-Here industry. You’ve been training, stocking up on inventory, going through the F&I stretches, tightening up collections. You name it, its been done, drilled and perfected. It’s game time.

As much as we prepare for the big event, we all know things can go sideways in a flash. There are things you simply have to leave in limbo and adjust. The day of the big game, it could rain. It could snow! Your star quarterback could get injured in a golf cart on the way to the stadium while Instagramming a picture of his cat. Anything can happen. And it will happen. Fate is super good at finding the cracks in the plan. And half of a successful strategy is being prepared and being able to execute on variables you can’t control.  

So tax season is here, and in full effect. Consumers have a thousand ways to get their money faster, and you have a thousand more ways for them to spend it. I’m not here to guide you on your business model or give you helpful hints on how to improve whats been working for you for the last twenty years. I’m just here to make sure you keep all of that hard earned money in your pockets where it belongs. Mainly by being able to pinpoint it at any given time.

Sure I could say we’re cheaper (we usually are), we’re better than the other GPS companies out there (obviously). I could tell you all about the benefits of data verification, our enhanced repo mode (killer), but why state the obvious. What I will tell you is that we are a nimble organization, and you should be to.

Tax season for us was over a few months ago. Our customers ordered devices by the bushels (ok, boxes, Fedex won’t deliver bushels, we tried), because it was part of their tax season strategy. To protect their assets as they left their dealerships so they could rest easy at night knowing if ANYTHING went wrong, they can count on our Verizon enabled network to pinpoint exactly where their vehicles are. It’s part of their tax season inventory assembly line, and we delivered. And in our off season of now those new devices are installed and driving off the lot, meanwhile we’re there to keep our software running on the latest server hardware and improved software to make our dealers lives just that much easier.

We’re both in the customer service industry. Our customers need dependable GPS devices to protect their assets at all times. They also occasionally need help with installation, or they need a quick order shipped overnight to fill their inventory gap they hadn’t adjusted for. It’s completely fine. We stay nimble to make the plays when we’re needed. It’s no different than you creatively structuring deals for a unique customers newest car they so desperately want. It’s all about being focused and delivering when needed.

So if your mid-game and you need to make a change, or simply have a need for a GPS company that can deliver on the spot at all times - be nimble and give us a call. We’ll get you what you need so you can catch it up in the 3rd.

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