MEI Group Launches IkonGPS, Formerly Skypatrol USA

29.12.18 05:17 PM By Samuel Bohon

ARLINGTON, TexasDec. 7, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Arlington, Texas-based MEI Auto Group, Inc. has announced the launch of IkonGPS, formerly known as Skypatrol USA. MEI acquired Skypatrol in early 2017 and the company was recently relocated from Florida to Texas. Since acquisition, MEI has invested substantially in new, advanced technology including upgrades to system infrastructures, hardware, security systems, and application servers. Skypatrol USA's past performance has seen more than a half million GPS units across the United States. IkonGPS is poised to continue exponential growth and will continue to be the leading telematics supplier in the automotive industry providing GPS products directly to automotive dealers across multiple verticals.

MEI Auto Group is a vertically-integrated automotive sales organization serving the Dallas-Ft. Worth area with divisions that include MEI Finance, MEI Auto Sales Group, MEI Investments, LLC., and MEI Rentals. Operating for over 30 years, MEI Group's combined annual revenues exceed $180 million, with a finance portfolio valued at more than $120 millionand over 250 employees.

"We're very excited about the expansion of MEI Group with the addition of IkonGPS," said MEI Auto Group Founder and Chairman Sam Mahrouq. "With 11 auto dealerships and three decades of experience, I understand the industry's needs for a reliable GPS provider. Our commitment to our customers is the #1 priority of IkonGPS, beginning with our extensive upgrades to the company's technology to provide the most reliable and advanced GPS systems on the market."

IkonGPS is currently deploying the latest GPS technologies specifically designed to work on the new LTE CAT-M1 network. CAT-M1 technology performs at a higher level than traditional LTE CAT-1 devices, by approximately 25%. LTE CAT-M1 also penetrates structures and buildings more effectively which means customers will enjoy faster and more reliable results when trying to locate a vehicle or asset. 

About IkonGPS
IkonGPS integrates customized software solutions with an innovative hardware/software platform to provide its customers with state-of-the-art telematics that monitor, protect and optimize mobile assets throughout the United States.

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