• Vehicle GPS Tracking
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Vehicle GPS Tracking - IkonGPS

Intelligent Asset Management with Vehicle GPS Tracking

Price loans more effectively with ikonGPS and build more confidence in your credit underwriting decisions knowing you have the effective tools to assist with asset performance and speedy recovery.  ikonGPS provides you with vehicle performance monitoring tools to identify early warning signs of potential borrower default such as high-risk driving behavior, vehicle abandonment, tow lots, battery failure, and more.

Our Data Verification Tool (DVT) provides you with reports designed to confirm borrower information up-front so you can place more confidence in your credit underwriting decisions, along with skip tracing reports to assist in your recovery efforts. 

Portfolio Management Insight

ikonGPS gives portfolio management tools to identify potential risks before they become reality. 

Optimized Inventory

Place orders directly with ikonGPS and our team handles all the details to arrange installment with your dealer. 


Stay alert through customized reports on high-risk driving behavior, vehicle abandonment, tow lots, battery failure, and more. 

Web Portal

Manage your loan assets and communicate with borrowers via text message or email right from the platform to help them make timely payments.

Realize enhanced auto portfolio returns with vehicle GPS tracking

Finance companies are able to realize better portfolio performance through GPS tracking – helping more consumers get the vehicles they want along with the credit they need.  Lenders are able to place more confidence in their underwriting decisions, knowing they will be able to effectively recover the vehicle should a default occur. 

Consumers and lenders win

  • ·  Collectors can automatically track and communicate with borrowers quickly, through a web-based platform, enabling scalability with a much larger portfolio.

    ·  GPS tracker activation at the dealer level, providing immediate location. 

    ·  Lender support for field-sales training and dealer base. 

    ·  Application Protocol Interface (API) that allows for integration of your loan servicing platform. 

    ·  Third-party installer network to utilize for timely and effective installations.